Grand Ten and I’m Out

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The ‘RJS Adios Party’ was a great round.  It’s always special to rally with friends and family- but when gathering for a send off, something always strikes me.  I love to travel and live on the road AND I love nesting and connecting to a community… and the two tend to rally one another.  In turn, I have had my share of goodbye parties with good buddies…and they always do  little something sweet to me.  I’ve got big appreciation for all the great folks I know.

So, how did it come down to The Grand Ten Distilling?  It was ALL Paddy Saul.  I was out for a jog and bumped into *Paddy strolling his baby.  I told him I’d be leaving town and how much I enjoyed his music and kind ways.  He mentioned I should have a goodbye party (I also had been catching flack for not playing any shows recently)  2 birds-one stone.  Seed planted and the call was made…

Grand Ten Distilling seemed the the way to go.  1- Good folks doing good things.  2- They wanted to start bringing in music.  3- I wanted to introduce some buddies to the joint. 4- It’s a bad to the bone distillery.  They were super kind and agreed- it was on.  Big thanks to Uncle Lonnie!  Now we had to figure out music, food, drinks etc.
I enjoy respecting the process and not stressing about most everything.  So when it came to getting a few folks together for music, I knew it would work out… one way or another.  As you would have it, I was pretty dang happy when Laurence Scudder and Erik White of Spotted Tiger hopped aboard.  So these guys- They are so incredibly supportive of MUSIC, hands down.  They knock it out with their project *Spotted Tiger, and can be found just about any night of the week backing up other local musicians.  An absolute treat for your earholes.

And I’ll tell ya what, we had one sit down to run tunes the week before GTD show- and that had to be one of my favorite sit downs.  These guys make it so easy.  On that note, Scott Corneille became the bonus round.  He joined us on bass and brought it together as only a bass can do.  Scott is a good ole buddy, one incredible stand up fella that’ll have your back because he is solid and that’s just the way it is.  I am super appreciative to all the fellas for coming together and making the night feel so good.

Then there were all my great friends and family.  You know you have it good when your best buddy makes all kinds of goodies for everyone to nibble on.  Come on, walnut pate and homemade donut balls… you know you’ve got serious friends when people pull those kinds of goodies out the side pocket.
My folks were there which always makes my heart perfect.  I can’t exactly pinpoint the moment we all became ‘friends’, but I sure do feel lucky that we love hanging out with each other as much as we do.  Our family friends were there too- they are much like aunts and uncles by choice of my folks.  Really, who gets to have that?

The night was great, the venue was perfect, the music put me on a cloud and the folks were happy and doing their thing.  I am one lucky gal- I’ll say it over and over again.  Thanks for a hellova round.  Stay tuned.

FullSizeRender* Paddy’s plays all around town and has a great way about him- just good people down to the core.   Check out and support his music!
* Spotted Tiger site:  Check out the good stuff and fall on the good foot.

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