a few hours & down the road

I just completed my first leg of the journey and didn’t make it all that far… and just far enough as I’m back on the road full time.  Six years and I’m back on my next adventure.


My mama suggested some downtime at the lake before whirling back to the road.  Complete exhaustion normalized in my body at this point, and my morning bloodshot eyes became as familiar in my day as my morning, afternoon and evening coffee were.  I think my mother was right and a little downtime was in order before I hit the road.

The Lake: I met my folks in New Hampshire and stayed for a few days.  I caught up on sleep, we ate great food, and got out on the water a few times.  It was the best way to start the journey and I am grateful for our time.  My little sister drove in with her kids the day I was heading out, it was great to get a few minutes with them.
Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 5.49.27 PM
Keene, NH: Leaving the lake and made it a whole three hours.  I’ve landed in a college town called Keene which is reminding me of my college town back in Gainesville, FL.  A great town to get in trouble in, but I figure trouble will have to be for someone else as my sweet ass will be drinking down this big ole glass of wine and passing out in my perfect hotel bed.  Yes, six years and I’m back and I couldn’t feel better.  Breaking off onto Route 202 was something beautiful.  And there is nothing like hitting the road on a full moon.  Nothing shy of a gift.
So here I am and today was good.

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