Best Bagel In Denver

Rosenberg’s Bagels & Delicatessen – 5 points – Denver

IMG_9137   IMG_9139

Ok.  So here is the skinny on the joint.

Basically you had a kid from the suburbs of New York City decide to go to college at the University of Colorado in the little hip town known as Boulder.  One of the toughest things for an East Coaster to part with is the East Coast bagel. There’s something special about the water in the Northeast that makes the magic when it comes down to the nitty gritty of cooking up the perfect bagels.  (some argue it’s boil vs bake- I’m a water believer personally.)

So this man, Joshua Pollack, ends up falling in love with a gal named Kara, and they decide to make his home in Colorado.  Big problem though, (no offense Colorado) y’all bagels aren’t anything to brag about.  This is where I think the story grabs some serious charm.

Call me a romantic, and I know he is married, but this guy can swoon any east coast gal knowing that he managed to CRACK THE CODE of the NYC H2O breakdown and seems to have modified the Denver water in order to make the perfect bagel.  whhhaaaatttt?  Nicely played my friend.

And a good Mama’s boy too- named the joint after his mother and guardian angel,  Karen Rosenberg Pollack.  Well Mr. Joshua and Kara Pollack, thank you for doing what you do and appreciating the importance of a serious deli.  Me and my soul thanks y’all!

ps. the whitefish salad might have been the best I’ve ever had…dang!!

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