Beatrice & Woodsley

Off to brunch and hunted down a pretty remarkable spot.  #nailedit

Beatrice & Woodsley


the owners- The owners, Kevin and John, have created a vibe inviting their patrons to
explore their palettes as well as the aesthetics of the space.  They have a two sister locations and one more on the way.  (Double Daughters and Two Fisted Mario’s Pizza)  These guys seem to have cracked the code and are bringing the good stuff to the people.  I guess that’s what happens when you give a good cahoot.
the team- Most of the staff are part-time, are foodies, and happy to be a part of the family.  The turnover rate for Beatrice & Woodsley is low for good reason.  The staff receives great support from the owners to help further personal goals and careers in their outside jobs.  ie. My server was John and he was incredible.  Super knowledgeable about the process- spices, wines- you name it, very well versed.  I opened the door with a few questions and he walked on in and schooled me on the joint.  He shares a business called Hot Mixology which can be found every week on Fusion and are also on The Food Network and … to name a few spots. He also consults on educating locals on growing gardens in their own homes.  He offered some great leads into the culinary world and great insight to Beatrice & Woodsley.  (Thanks John)

food- There are quarterly menu changes with wine, dinner and brunch menus.  They are unique with giving spins on their dishes and use spices seasonally.  Right now they are rapping up their summer spicing which was mainly South African.  Once the chef and owners knock out the upcoming menu, Beatrice & Woodsley shuts down from an entire week.  All staff is brought in for complete tastings so that they may share the info first hand.  Seems like an obvious way to go, but how many times have you gone to eat and the server has no idea about the wines or the dishes.  Not their fault, but makes sense to teach your team about the product…right?
my dish-  Egg Johnny Fever along with French-Pressed coffee.

Eggs Johnny Fever
pan fries goetta on toasted onion bread with sunny egg
mustard hollandaise
pea | roasted cauliflower

IMG_9219What a seriously delicious spin on an eggs Benedict!  They lightened the dish up 2 ways.  1: they served the dish with three types of cauliflower and peas where there typically are potatoes.  2: they used a thin piece of onion toast instead of an English muffin which was lighter on the belly and enhanced the dish with a burst of flavor making me smile every so often.  I enjoyed a sunny egg in place of a poached and the sausage paddy was a nice addition giving the perfect amount of sustenance.  The Hollandaise sauce was a brilliant creation using their season spices and a mustard base… loved it!  I walked away having 3 bites too many because it was so dang good.  I’ll be back to try out their dinner for sure!
ambiance- Old timey lanterns hang from the ceiling in the main room and hanging toilet paper in the restrooms.   I enjoy the use of the space while providing a rustic artsy experience.  The bar- LOVED the bar.  The shelves were mid sized trees split in half and chainsawed to the wall…AND the chainsaws remain as stabilizing points for the shelves.  They use re-purposed wood and truly support locally.


music- Music is always such a HUGE part of the experience for me.  They played a perfect mix of tunes which complemented a weekend brunch.  I tend to want lazy hazy music as well as some slow bright tunes that help to get the day on.  They nailed this with multiple genres.
the restroom- The door to the restroom made me feel like I was walking into the Grand Kingdom of Oz.  A big ole brass ball in the center of an over sized heavy door was there for you to push forward to enter.  Once you’ve entered the restroom, you will notice rolls and rolls of toilet paper on the ceiling.  Funny and creative.  You then walk back to the public area to wash your hands…and that was a doozy.  The washroom is separated from the main room by an amber glass wall.  In the kindest way possible, servers slyly glance over and sneak a peek at you attempting to figure out how the hell you are going to get water to flow from this sink.  I will leave the mystery for you.  I won’t lie, the sink was one of my favorite features of the joint, other than the food naturally.

  IMG_9224  IMG_9223

restaurant– Beatrice & Woodsley is 7 years old and in the Baker area of Denver. (not LoSo:) They source out to the local businesses and are big time supporters of the community.

Brunch on a perfect Denver Saturday morning.

BONUS ROUND:  Stole my heart when they served a lil ‘Bit O Honey” with the tab.  After learning about the time and thought placed into the menus, it would be a crime not to have a little wine tasting and dinner before I head out of town.

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