The Big Wonderful to The Secret Wall


The Secret Wall: Saturday’s Heart in RINO
It was days ago when a friend and I were walking the streets of the Denver district RINO taking in the craze of all the artists in the streets painting furiously into the night.  They were painting the building walls we passed along.  Time was of the essence and this is exactly how it all started for me.
As we walked Walnut Street, there were three fellas hanging outside an open door of a boxy building that was being masterfully graffitied with a Tron-like theme.  As we curiously walked past, the smokey fella slinked a few words out at us, “Wanna see something cool?” as his cigarette dangled from his lips.  I confirmed with a glance and my buddy knew I wanted to walk through those doors 118 percent.

Reality was that one of two things was about to go down.
1.  I was walking into a B-rated murder movie where I was to be lured and taken out by some well known mysterious villain from Denver…or from  Taos should he be wise.
2. I was walking into a seriously high end ‘dazed and confused’ scenario surrounded by the most amazing and crazed art.  A bar, a stage and a maze of eye candy that could send one over and over.
Lucky for me it was the later as my mind completely bent that day.

After exploring the space and becoming completely bedazzled visually,  I walked back outside and met the artists that had invited us in.  They were super welcoming and mentioned something about a gathering that weekend.
That it was a private deal, but with the right invite…you are in.  Shazam- I was in.

Saturday night- 9:30- The Secret Wall and and how I arrived.

I started at “The Big Wonderful”. @thebigwonderful.  A local weekly gathering tenting up with local art, food trucks, dress trucks and a stage set for local music.  I dig how the clothing venues would bring their own container boxes and set the joint up as a dressing room.  Was an excellent start to my day.
After meeting my share of phenomenal folks and being lured into a pubic/humbling display of The Limbo (dang my badass Bella Umbrella @bellaumbrella from NOLA for plucking me out of the crowd) and I celebrated my glorious loss with a local beer.


I headed to a local brewery to check out a band and a beer before I hit The Secret Wall.
The band released their CD as the brewery released a new brew….digging the synchronicity.  Ratio Brewery @ratiobeerworks was perfect offering a bad to the bone semi sour- coriander brew for the release.  The servers were kind, the patrons were on fire and the venue was completely open.  Was a perfect lending to night.
NOTE- at one point my shush skills were teased when a gal removed her jean jacket so her dog could lay on it.  A dog – Her clothing.  O hell no.  (Was a cute lil guy though).


Had a two dollar taco break which, quite possibly, may have saved my life.

It was to be two teams, eight folks in all.  Four from Denver and four from across the world.
The Gallery: Knew Conscious– a new gathering sweet spot offering an open ear and eye to the local get down.  This gathering was to be a paintbrush showdown as folks would be amazed and media would have to cover the event.

The joint had been completely altered.  The art from the main wall had been removed and replaced by two sectors.  Four aligned panels for the Denver crew hung on the left and four panels for the International crew hung on the right.  It was an invigorating site.  A butterfly moment that had all spectators geared up for the festivities.

The two sets of artists gathered for 30 minutes to discuss their basic plan for their panels.
They receive one color- black.  They have 90 minutes.  The artists are welcomed by the spectators and the game begins.
Watching the unraveling of each side was pretty miraculous.   A slow reveal of the shapes and the pleasant understanding that overcomes you once you have identified the image that will bring the objects together into common meaning.  (ie. the big ole ding dong with a face on the end which connected to a body in turn forcing me to giggle like good g-d damn and have to walk away…eureka.)
Some artists feverishly slung the black paint as others seemed to have an internal clock knowing the timing of each piece of sand that fell from the hourglass.  I’m almost positive that one of the artists slowed time as he furthered a feather into the main consciousness of the painting.

At any given point, an artist would step back to get a glimpse to capture the big picture.  Some would take a sippy sip at that moment and others tear back to ravage the the open white spaces of the canvas once again.  I loved when one artist would change positions with another on their team and slowly tye in their vision to that area.  Even more so, I loved when one artist would check out another artist’s area and raise their glass.  Respect is a beautiful thing.

When it came down to it and it was all said and done,  the night was nothing short of magic.  The folks, the art, the music…nothing but respect.  Thank you all for an eyeopener of a night.  It was stellar.

Bringing folks together via creativity is the way to go and I am elated that I happened upon this gathering.  All artists brought their A game and with that I thank them all.

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