Ojo Caliente, a bottle of wine and the moon.


Ojo Caliente- Natural Mineral Spring and a Bottle of Wine
The moment I arrived at Ojo Caliente I knew I had to sit down and work for a few hours before I could hit the mineral tubs.  That said, I decided to knock it out and get to the springs when my mind was at ease.  After five hours ‘in the office’ I grabbed my room key and headed to my room.  A little white pup was blazing trails all along the property.  She was super sweet and ran into my room to check out my digs.  I was lucky to catch a few sweet moments with her and off she flew- seemed either very young, or very free- I was thinking that she was a member of the property.

And once I had unloaded my work- I was off into the springs.  As night fell, I jumped mineral spring to mineral spring all while sipp’n on my red wine…and here came the challenge.  So many folks sitting in these tubs, most of whom are here with one another and having little chats, but it appeared to be a no chat zone for folks that didn’t know one another.  Now remember, I had been drinking a little vino…and thus the challenge.  This was a place for the calming.  This was a place for spiritual awakening.  This was a place said to be a vortex.  This was a place I knocked down a bottle of wine and practiced resistance and so it was spiritual.  I went face to face with every urge to chat and quieted myself…and after so many times I truly calmed and felt as though I was there by myself.  I became used to folks not making eye contact and not greeting one another when entering a new spring.  I kept my gaze to the open sky.  The moon almost full, the stars so incredibly bright.  It had been awhile since I had been out in the wide open like this.  And then my journey began.

With my eyes to the sky and my body adrift, the moon sang me a song and I was there.  It had been awhile since I had let the moon entertain me for that long.  I can’t say how long I’d been floating in the big spring, my ears comfortably calmed by the sounds of the underwater.  It amazed me that I could keenly hear someone else entering the waters.  So I decided to let them have the lovely time as I did.  It was time for this gal to walk the moonlight.

I walked inside – asked for a towel – and noticed the lady was sneaky about walking in and out of this particular door.  I asked what she was hiding back there- apparently they found the little dog and couldn’t find her owners.  Lil pup had a number on her tags and the owners weren’t answering the phone.  Time would tell.  So off I went back to the room for a minute.

Tossed on some warm clothes and grabbed a cigar.  I stared walking the hike trail when I heard whistle.  Not a cat call whistle… it was an Irish whistle.  I walk over to the fire and there is a lady playing some Irish tunes.  Not that I thought the night could get better, was incredible and I took a seat for a good listen.  We got to chatting and such a nice time.  Then this fella starts walking up…a bit frantic.  “You guys see a little white dog?”  I say, ”I know that dog.  I even know exactly where she is right now.”  He was completely alleviated.  Little Carilta had gotten out and they were pretty worried.  Cigar in hand.  I love it when a plan comes together.
As the springs closed down and the folks made their way to the end of their nights, I had become moonshined and found a way to continue.  I made it to an enclosed spring that was open late and had also been the only person to discover it.  It was me- the moon- the tub- and fancy cigar and another perfect night.


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